Pleaser Infinity Collection



      The Pleaser Infinity Series is a range of dramatically high platform high heel boots and sandals that is a professional dancer’s dream! Constructed from high quality items to be both beautiful and safe to wear, the extreme 9-inch heel and 5 1/4-inch platform height of the Infinity collection is intended to be worn by confident experts in high heel styles!

      How can I learn to walk in the Pleaser Infinity Series shoes?

      As one of the taller platform options, the Infinity range is best worn by someone who has begun with smaller heel heights and worked up to the confidence needed to wear this extremely high style. Starting low to learn how to best balance yourself, slowly increase the heel height of your shoes as you gain confidence and with time you will be able to brave this impressive women’s shoe style!

      Are they safe to dance in?

      Like any style, the Infinity platform high heel ankle boots, thigh high boots, and sandals are safe to wear if you are confident and experienced in wearing them. For more energetic routines, you may find that a lower platform style is a safer option, with the Infinity style shoes saved for your more relaxed or horizontal stage antics. No matter how you wear them, the Infinity series is an awesome goal to reach!