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      Pleaser Flamingo Series - Taller Than Ever

      One of the more eye-wateringly high styles Pleaser offers, the Flamingo range is not for the faint of heart! Requiring some practice and dedication, every style of the Flamingo high-heel platform range is well worth the effort it takes to become familiar with this gorgeous heel height!

      Can I try the Flamingo styles without practice?

      With a vast 8-inch-high heel and a 4-inch platform, wearing the shoes in the Flamingo collection should be avoided by a platform novice. While it is tempting to buy all the beautiful Flamingo shoes available in this range and wear them immediately, proper practice is necessary to avoid ankle and knee injuries with heels and platforms of this height. Aimed towards regular wearers of platform shoes, such as burlesque dancers, pole dancers, and strippers, the Flamingo range is a challenge you’ll want to rise to!

      What kind of styles are available in the Flamingo range?

      There is something for everyone in the gorgeous Pleaser Flamingo collection! Whether you need a staple item like the Flamingo-1020 platform ankle boot, a showstopping thigh-high platform boot, or a glittering platform sandal, few shoes offer a sexy style like the Flamingo series! Take everyone’s breath away when you take the stage in your sky-high Flamingo platform boots!