How to Walk in Platform Heels

How to Walk in Platform Heels

Confidently Walk in Towering Platforms with Ease

A platform high heel is a sexy addition to your outfit, but they can be daunting for the uninitiated! While it can be tempting to jump straight in to wearing the super-high platform high heels you see models and dancers wearing, attempting to wear them without practice can be a recipe for disaster. By starting low and working up, you’ll be able to wear any style with confidence in no time at all!

How do I choose my first platform high heel?

There are a few simple steps to take to find your best first platform high heel:

  • Make sure you are wearing the right fit- the wrong size shoe can damage your foot!
  • Make sure your platform high heel is secured properly if it has straps or laces
  • Start with a lower platform that feels comfortable to you
  • Try starting with a one-inch platform- the heel will usually be around 5-inches
  • Try chunky or thick heels first, to get used to your changing center of gravity

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What styles of platform high heels are best for beginners?

There are a lot of beautiful high heels with platforms that are great for beginners, so pinpointing the best style to start with is usually down to personal preference. In general, many people stick to one of three styles in the beginning.

  • Platform ankle boots: this style allows you to have a comfortable and secure fit that can help protect your ankles. A style such as the Pleaser Delight-1020 ankle boot is a favourite in the thinner heel styles, while the Demonia Crypto-51 is a chunky heel option with a lower platform that can be great for all occasions.
  • Platform Sandals: With styles starting from very low platforms to higher styles, there is something for every comfort level in a platform sandal high heel. If you are looking for a small platform, Fabulicious has many great sandal styles with short platforms. For chunky heel options, the Demonia Dolly-09 is a great choice that is both sturdy and gorgeous. Another popular style is the Pleaser Delight-609, which comes in many colour options and is the sandal version of the very popular 5-inch heel boot.
  • Platform boots: For a more relaxed style, Koi Footwear offers chunky base platform shoes that are comfortable and stylish. With a solid base and thick heel, this style is perfect for all occasions and easily helps you learn how to move effectively in platform boots!

How do I start walking in a platform high heel style?

  • Start on a flat, smooth surface to help you get used to any added weight of the platform itself as well as the extra height. Start slow and steady to ease into the new style!
  • Engage your core muscles- this will keep your posture straight and your body balanced correctly
  • Shoulders back and head held up will help your center of gravity stay the same, so you don’t overbalance!
  • Let your heel hit the ground first, then your toes. This will keep you balanced and stop you slipping.
  • Don’t walk too fast; take short steps to maintain your balance.
  • Slowly try different surfaces, as this will help with gaining experience and keep your muscles strong to prevent injuries.
  • Avoid going straight to a taller platform before you’ve had enough practice.

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