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The Evolution of Pin-Up Shoes: 1940 to Modern Era

How Pin-Up shoes have evolved since the 1940’s

Beginning in the 1940’s, Pin Up style began with artists creating sexy images of women with a distinctive style that ended up gracing magazines and post cards which many pinned to their walls; earning the name Pin Up Girls!

Becoming a phenomenon during World War II, these sexy and playful girls were a style inspiration that continues into today! Easily recognisable thanks to flattering figure-hugging styles accentuating the waist and bust, Pin-Up style is a celebration of femininity and curves.

From cinched dresses with a low bust to high-waisted, tailored pants and midriff tied shirts, staple pin-up items have stood the test of time and are still easily found.

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What types of clothing and shoes would be Pin-Up style?

A blend of 1940’s and 1950’s fashions, Pin-Up styles can be achieved by wearing classic items that highlight your waist, bust, and derriere. Items with polka dot, stripes, and check patterns are particularly popular, including collared shirts, high-waisted pants and skirts, and figure-hugging midi dresses.

Accessories and details add extra dimension to your pin-up outfit; try a bold red lip, blushed cheeks, a winged eyeliner, and some gorgeous curls in your hair like the ultimate pin-up model, Bettie Page! For footwear, a pin-up style high heel is the perfect choice; go for Mary Jane high heels, t-bar high heels, or classic stiletto heel styles!

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Was Rockabilly in the 1950’s inspired by Pin-Up style?

Influenced by Pin-Up style, Rockabilly is an evolution of the classic pin-up fashion that is edgier and was part of the emergence of Rock and Roll! Borrowing many elements from its style predecessor, Rockabilly incorporates classic collared shirts, high waisted skirts and pants, and flattering dresses with cool additions such as fashionable sunglasses, block heel shoes, kitten heels, and more dramatic makeup!

What is the difference between Pin-Up and Rockabilly?

While the two styles are often confused for each other, there are a few key differences that set Rockabilly and Pin-Up styles apart:

  • Rockabilly clothing includes tight ankle length pants, poodle skirts, tight shirts, and accentuating socks
  • Pin-Up style clothing includes shirts that have sweetheart necklines, short pants with high waists, pencil skirts, and cigarette pants
  • Rockabilly makeup focuses on highlighting the eyes and lips with bold red lipstick and carefully applied eyeliner
  • Pin-Up make-up includes dramatic attention to the features of the face on a doll-like base. Red lipstick, cat eyeliner, and dark eyebrows make a strong statement!
  • Pin-Up footwear include high heels and peep-toe styles, while Rockabilly has a wider variety of styles that fit such as platform heels, creepers, flats, saddle shoes, and kitten Mary Jane high heels.
  • Pin-Up fashion tends to shy away from over-accessorising, focussing on scarfs, brooches, and hair ribbons; while Rockabilly accessories include flowers in the hair, statement jewellery, dramatic glasses, hats, and more are always a fun addition!
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How does Pin-Up style work in the modern era?

Pin-Up has maintained popularity since the 1940’s, with many women enjoying the classic silhouette created by this clothing style for special occasions and everyday wear. From a full pin-up inspired outfit to small additions that capture the classic beauty of the style, incorporating pin-up style into your modern wardrobe can be both fun and beautiful. Whether you incorporate a red lip, black eyeliner and curled fringe combo to your everyday style or focus on creating a whole pin-up outfit for your wedding guest, work or party outfit; pin-up style in the modern day is easy to achieve! Simply find some key pieces you love and incorporating them into your personal style is easy!

Where can I find pin-up style outfits?

There are many amazing stores that stock high quality pin-up clothing for all occasions.From staple items to special-occasion pieces that will make you feel beautiful, you can’t afford to miss out on the lovely items offered by Rock In Betty!

Rock in Betty store that stocks Pin-Up clothing, this shop will have your wardrobe looking perfect all year round!

You can also find some fantastic pin-up items for sale at alternative fashion retailers as well as more mainstream stores.

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Where can I find Pin-Up style shoes?

For your Rockabilly, retro, and Pin-up shoe options Otherworld Shoes is the leader in Australian alternative footwear and official seller of Pin-Up Couture shoes! With a huge colour, style, and brand range on offer, you’ll be able to find the perfect Pin-Up high heel, Rockabilly saddle shoe, or retro flats to match every one of your favourite outfits!

Pair some nude peep-toe stiletto high heels with your pencil skirt, or a pair of cute kitten heel Mary Jane high heels with your pin-up dress to make every outfit a special one!

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Last Words!

Whether you are a pin-up style lover who is always looking for a new way to wear your favourite style or are just looking to try something new, the classic beauty of the

Pin-up style is made to highlight your gorgeous natural figure and help you feel like a goddess! Embrace the classic lines of this retro style and feel your absolute best every time you dress yourself up!

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