Buying Women's Boots as a Man

Finding the Perfect Fit: Wearing Women's Boots as a Man

Styling Tips for Men: Making Women's Boots Your Own

There are many men who find themselves purchasing women’s boots, such as burlesque dancers, drag queens, those exploring their gender identity, cosplayers, men in women character costumes, and more!

Buying Women's Boots as a Man

How can I style women's boots as a man?

Depending on how creative, or bold you are feeling, there are many different ways you can style women's boots as a man! Whether you are looking to incorporate these shoes into your current look, or wanting to forge a while new style that you love, confidence is always the key! Here are some ways you can style women's boots:

  • For a subtle or demure styling moment, try wearing your boots under long pants; this works for a range of styles and can help ease you into becoming more confident styling yourself publicly!
  • If you are looking for sexy styling, try wearing your new boots with a short shirt, high waisted shorts, or under a cute flowy dress!
  • Ankle boots are great for styling both casually and for more dressy situations, and can easily pair with a pair of fitted jeans and a nice top for day-to-night wear.
  • Thigh high boots are great under dresses and skirts of any length; under longer hem lengths allows for a hint of sexiness while under shorter styles is a bold, sexy fashion choice!
  • Knee-high styles are another fantastic, versatile shoe option for men to enjoy, as they can be worn on top of a pair of fitted pants, under dresses, or with a pencil skirt for a sexy and mature fashion moment!

How to choose the perfect size?

Buying high heels in men's sizing means you will need to convert your usual size to a woman's.

The best way to find the perfect shoe size for men in women’s styles is to add two sizes to your usual men’s size.

For example, a men’s size 7US would generally feel comfortable in a women’s size 9US. If you are a half size or have a wider foot, it is usually a good idea to size up for the best fit.

What else should I be aware of when choosing a style?

For men choosing women’s style boots, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Heel Types:

While stilettos are sexy and can work with any outfit, it is hard to walk and stand in this style for long periods.

If you are beginner to women’s styles, start with flat boots, block heels, or low heels that will help you ease into more advanced styles.

  • Ankle boots:

    In an ankle boot you don't have to worry about calf width as much as higher reaching styles. This makes them a great choice if you have a larger leg!

    Available in many heel options for all skill levels and fashion needs, an ankle boot can add feminine flair while still being a comfortable shoe!

    • Mid-Calf or Knee-High boots:

    Men look amazing in knee-high or mid-calf boot styles, so why not find a boot that is perfect for you? To get the most out of your knee high or mid-calf boots, you need to measure your calves to guarantee a comfortable fit.

    To measure your calves, take a measuring tape and reach it around the widest part of your calf, just under the knee. Alternatively, you can take a piece of string and do the same, and then measure the string.

    There are many different styles of boots to choose from to fit your style, and if you want a boot to fit your leg the best, there is also an abundance of wide calf boot styles on offer!


    @otherworldshoes FINDING THE PERFECT FIT: BUYING WOMEN'S BOOTS AS A MAN #heelsformen #mensheels #dragqueentransformation ♬ Dream Girl - Izellah


        • Thigh high or Over the knee boots:

        For something truly special and sexy, a man in a thigh high boot is sure to make an impression! To get the perfect fit in a thigh high or over the knee boot, you need to measure your thighs and calves together.

        To do this, you simply repeat the previously mentioned calf measurement instructions, and also apply this method to the widest part of your thigh. This will generally be about two-thirds of the way up the thigh from the knee.

        If you feel like you have a wide leg, there are many different sexy styles of wide calf thigh high boots for men to enjoy!


        @otherworldshoes FINDING THE PERFECT FIT: BUYING WOMEN'S BOOTS AS A MAN. How toc measure your thighs! #dragqueen #heelsformen #crossdresser #transgender ♬ Dance You Outta My Head - Cat Janice


        Sexy boots are not a style exclusive to women; with many men embracing modern fashion and taking more risks with their style, men’s high heel boots are a great way to spice up your look.

        To look your best, you need to feel your best, and that is done by making sure you are wearing a shoe in the correct size and a comfortable fit. By wearing the correct shoe for you, you can be bold, brave, and have fun with fashion by taking a walk on the wild side wearing women’s style boots in men’s sizing!

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