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Gain The Skills as a Man to Wear Women’s Style High Heels!

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Wearing a women’s style high heel shoe is not only something a lot of men need to build confidence to do as a style, but also regarding technique!

From lower kitten heels and pumps to stiletto high heels and platform styles, there is a huge range of women’s heels out there that you can enjoy once you learn the best way to walk in them!

With many styles offering inclusive sizing such as extended sizes and wide fit heels, there is bound to be a style that appeals to you and your own personal high heel needs!

While it is tempting to just jump straight into wearing a sexy pair of sky-high heels, you do need to be prepared to practice wearing women’s styles in men’s sizing before wearing your fun new styles!

Is it hard to wear high heels as a man?

  • For many men, wearing high heels can feel like a challenge both mentally and physically. It can be hard to let go of the ideas you have about high heels being for women; but when you realise that high heels are just a style of shoe and can be worn by anyone, you’ll find a whole new world has opened for you!
  • Embracing something new can be daunting, but with confidence you’ll be rocking a pair of high heels in no time at all.
  • If you are exploring your gender identity, are transitioning, or just need a men’s size in a women’s style, there are many high heel shoe options available for you that are perfect for beginners, or those with a little more experience in high heel styles.
  • As beginners, men wearing high heels need to be prepared for the change to your balance, and your movement.
  • Your feet will also need to get used to the way the shoe itself feels, as many women’s styles offer a different type of foot support than men’s styles and flats.
  • Many styles of shoes are available in a wider fit, making finding men’s sizing in women’s style easy and comfortable.

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What’s the safest way for me to learn how to wear women’s high heels?

  • You may be wondering what it feels like for a to walk in high heels and whether it is an easy skill to learn. Learning the right way to walk in a new high heel style will not only help protect you from hurting yourself but will also get you ready to broaden your horizons and experience other styles with ease!
  • For many men, the best way to learn how to walk in a high heel is by starting with a low heel and learning how best to change your centre of gravity.
  • A lower heel, such as a kitten heel, will help you figure out how best to move your body to keep yourself upright.
  • If you’re wondering how to avoid falling on your face wearing heels as a man, start by finding a comfortable, low-heeled shoe and ensure you have found the right fit for you. Too big, and your foot can roll out of the shoe and cause damage. Too tight, and you risk hurting yourself and damaging your foot.
  • Once you have a shoe that fits correctly, it’s time to adjust to the extra height it gives you.
  • Try taking small steps and walking slowly to accommodate for the high heels.
  • As you walk, remember to keep your posture straight and your shoulders back; if you are slouching, you are more likely to fall over.
  • Keep your hips in line with your shoulders and try placing your foot down gently.

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I think it would be sexy for my boyfriend to wear high heels...

There are lots of guys, gals, and nonbinary pals who find men in high heels sexy, especially when they are confident while doing so! If you are a man who has a partner who would like to see you in high heels, why not explore how you can find the best pair of high heels for you that appeals to the both of you?

For some men, asking their female partner or girlfriend if they would be interested in teaching you how to wear high heels could be a fun, sexy activity you share together!

Incorporating choosing styles together can easily become part of your relationship, with many adventurous couples choosing to incorporate shopping for his and hers high heels into their foreplay as a sexy secret just for them, or as a bonding activity.

Whether you are looking for a women’s high heel you can wear as a man in private or as part of your new public wardrobe, confidence is key! With many styles now available in men’s sizing as well as women’s, finding a sexy stiletto, comfortable court shoe, devilish thigh high boot, or a gorgeous sandal that makes you happy is only a click away!

For reliable, beautiful shoe styles, check out Otherworld Shoes and the huge range of high heels for men on offer there and remember that being sexy and adventurous with your style never goes out of fashion!


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    Do you recommend going to a womans shoe shop to get heels

  • Norman

    Whe can I get heals to try I am a cross dresser I wear women’s clothes can you halp plz is the shoes at kmart ok or shoe shop

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