A Man’s Guide to Buying High Heels Online

A Man’s Guide to Buying High Heels Online

Explore the world of Women’s styles in men’s sizing

Buying high heels as a man can be a daunting experience. From finding a physical store that you are comfortable entering to try on styles, to one that carries larger size high heels that fit a man’s foot, shopping for the best pair of high heels in men’s sizing can be a stressful, unenjoyable experience.

A Man’s Guide to Buying High Heels Online

To make this easier and more fun, online shopping is a great tool to utilise; whether you are looking for something special, or just to branch out, finding an online store that carries shoes you would like to purchase can make shopping for your women’s styles in men’s sizes a less stressful task!

Offering the ultimate supportive shopping experience, Otherworld Shoes carries not only a huge range of women’s shoe styles in men’s sizes up to a 15US men’s, but also the guarantee of a judgement free zone for you to enjoy!

The First Step is the Hardest

As a man looking for women’s styles, taking the step into actively shopping for your new high heels comes with a few things to keep in mind. Perhaps the most important of these is making sure you are confident in your foot size and are prepared to convert sizing from your usual men’s size into women’s.

This doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming step, but it is a very important one. Choosing the wrong size in a high heel shoe can be dangerous and cause damage to your foot, ankle, and leg.

To start, ensure you understand your regular shoe size; this could be your EU size, your UK size, your US size, or your AU size, depending on where you are based and where you got your shoes from.


What is the difference between UK, US, AU, and EU shoe sizing?

Each of these sizing types differ slightly from the others, so knowing how to recognize which fit is best for you is incredibly helpful for online shopping!

  • US sizing has both a men’s and women’s size chart, so there is a difference between the two. To make life a little easier, US and AU sizing are close and can generally be interchanged. If you wear a men’s 10US, then the men’s 10AU is usually a good fit. To buy a women’s size, you simply need to add two sizes; for example, a men’s 10 is a women’s 12 in both US and AU shoe sizes.
  • EU sizing is unisex, so both men’s and women’s styles are the same size. This makes shopping for shoes easy with EU sizing, as you simply need to choose the shoe that matches your regular size.
  • If you are converting between EU and US sizing, the easiest way to do so is by remembering a simple trick. EU sizing begins at 35 and increases by one at each new size, up to an EU47. For women’s US sizing conversion, look at the second number- an EU35 is a US5, while an EU39 is a US 9. Once you get to EU40, then you are at a US10, and so on up to an EU47 which is a US17.
  • UK shoe sizing can be confusing, but in general UK sizing is 3 sizes below US women’s sizes. For example, a UK5 would be a US8. For men and women, in UK sizing there is a 1.5 size difference. This means that a woman’s shoe size in the UK is 1.5 sizes larger than the men’s, and as such if you wear a men’s UK8 you would be looking for a women’s UK9.5.

How can I be sure I’ll get the right size?

If you are not confident with your sizing, your best option is to measure your foot yourself to find the cm measurement and contact the customer service representative to get their help.

It is also a good idea to mention if you have a particular style in mind, as the measurements can differ dramatically between women’s styles. What may be a good fit in a low heel style can be quite loose in a stiletto high heel or a platform sandal. To measure your foot properly, try the following:

  • Lay a piece of paper flat on the floor
  • Place your foot down flat on the paper
  • Using a ruler, make a straight line at both the top of your toes and at your heel
  • Measure the distance between the two lines straight down the middle to find your foot length


@sanrio.pick How to measure your feet in daily life 😘#shose #measure ♬ Sunroof - Nicky Youre & dazy


What about other styles and their measurements?

While shoe size is important for the length of the shoe, you also need to be aware of the calf and even thigh measurements of some styles if that is what you are purchasing. For many styles, Otherworld Shoes offers a sizing chart that details the specific calf and measurements per size offered in the style. This measurement is taken at the widest part of the calf and the widest part of the thigh; if you are uncertain about a style’s sizing, contacting the customer service team for help can be a great way forward!

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How can I be sure I’m buying the right size in women’s styles?

After converting your shoe size, measuring, and asking for help; if you are still not confident in your shoe size in a women’s shoe style then the best suggestion is often to bite the bullet and purchase a single style to try!

By starting with one pair in a style you like, you will be able to confirm which size feels best for you, so you are ready to begin filling out your women’s style collection! If your first purchase isn’t the best fit, simply exchange for a size you feel will be better and enjoy your sexy women’s high heels in men’s sizing with confidence!

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