How to Become a Drag Queen - Guide for Beginners

How to Become a Drag Queen - Guide for Beginners

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Embrace Your New Drag Queen Persona with the Perfect Make Up, Outfit, and Sexy Shoes!

Drag queens have graced the stage and been a cultural phenomenon for decades, with many brilliant performers adding their own special flair to this performance art style! From the gorgeous make-up and hair styling to the magnificently expressive outfits, the visual style of Drag Queens is a stunning example of creativity and freedom that is both entertaining and culturally relevant. Usually including lip-syncing, dancing, and musical numbers, drag shows are a fun experience for all to enjoy! From professionals to occasional performers, Drag Queens come in all shapes and sizes, and represent a huge range of backgrounds. Starting your own journey into drag is a fun and explorative experience that starts with finding your own Drag Queen persona!

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Letting your new drag queen persona make her debut!

  • Drag Queens highlight and showcase exaggerated female gender signifiers, with most famous drag performers emulating some of the most beloved female characters in media history.
  • From Lucille Ball, Barbie, and Cher to more broad influences, finding the persona that works for you starts with identifying what traits you have that you want to celebrate, and how you want to share them with the world.
  • Whether that is through comedy, music, or dance, your new persona, and the type of Drag Queen you want to be is something only you can decide! Your persona should have roots in your own personality; born from your inner-most self and as easy to put on as your favourite hat.
  • Your drag persona is a part of you that you are sharing with the world exactly how you see fit! For inspiration, begin with researching popular Drag Queens you like, and consider checking out your local drag scene. While there, you can meet like-minded people and even have a chat to some local Drag Queens!

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Perfecting your look with the ideal Drag Queen makeup!

Drag Queen makeup is a true art form! Creating stunning, creative designs in a stage makeup that can last a whole evening is a true skill. There are many ways to get started in makeup, but the most popular way is by watching some talented YouTube creators! For the basics, check out this awesome video that is aimed at newcomers and teaches you some simple ways to achieve a Drag Queen look! If you are a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Trixie Mattel, this fun video features Trixie herself recreating one of her signature looks with cheaper makeup alternatives.

Another essential part of your Drag Queen look is not technically make-up, but does take your look from average to amazing; a good Drag Queen wig! Whether you are new to wigs or just need a refresher, there are a few tutorials for sky high hair that will give your drag persona the extra boost she needs to take control! As part of his tutorial series, Patrick Starrr delves into how to make a true Drag Queen wig that will become the foundation for your drag style, while Trixie Mattel has a wonderful video that demonstrates how to re-style a large wig to fit a new look!

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Dress the part and shake the house down in your Drag Queen outfit!

With your drag persona decided and your makeup inspiration in mind, now you need to source the items that will make up your Drag Queen outfit! With so many performers choosing bright colours, dramatic patterns, and eye-catching sequins, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to creating your own unique drag outfit!

For budding Australian Drag Queens, Drag Universe offers a huge range of avant-garde pieces perfect for mixing to create an eye-stopping drag outfit! If overseas shopping doesn’t phase you, The Drag Queen closet features not only gorgeous clothing options, but also accessories and jewellery items that will be perfect for letting your creative side shine as you build a great drag look! For queens on a budget, or those who love a sustainable option, your local OP shop can be a treasure trove for retro items or pieces that are perfect for giving a second life! Dresses, skirts, and pantsuits are popular Drag Queen fashion items that can be layered and tailored to suit your unique needs!

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Finish your Drag Queen look with the perfect pair of shoes!

  • Finding your first pair of Drag Queen heels is easy, as long as you remember to start small and work your way up to the more extravagant styles!
  • For high heel beginners we suggest starting with a low heel style before moving up to higher heel styles as your confidence and skills grow!
  • With many Drag Queens needing women’s styles in men’s sizing, OtherWorld Shoes is a great place to start looking for styles you love!
  • Popular and gorgeous, this Divine shoe is a low heel style that matches a huge range of styles and can be adapted to match any look you create, while this Delight boot comes in many colour options and allows for you to enjoy some height while still protecting your ankles!
  • For more experienced high heel wearers, this furry ankle cuff platform sandal is to die for, while this thigh high style is perfect for all your sexy style needs!
  • You can also read "A Man’s Guide to Buying High Heels Online" article on our blog page.
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Your Drag Queen look is your own unique persona to create and enjoy, and when you pay attention to each element involved you will present a fun and beautiful creation to the world! Whether you are looking to start your drag life for professional or personal reasons, as a Drag Queen beginner you can mold yourself into whatever makes you happiest! From the makeup you choose and the wig you wear, to the outfits you put together and the shoes you finish the look off with, building your Drag Queen style is a fun and extensive process that turns you from the person you are everyday to the person you want to be!

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