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What is the Difference Between Thigh High Boots and Over The Knee Boots?

What sets thigh high boots and over the knee boots apart?


  Thigh high boots and Over the Knee boots are both amazing, sexy styles that offer a versatility to your outfit that other styles can often lack.

With an extended upper, these boots are perfect for wear in many situations and can elevate your personal style easily. When choosing which style to go for, there are differences between over the knee and thigh high boots that you might want to consider.

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What are over the knee boots?

Over the knee boots are boots with an upper column that reaches around 1-inch above the knee. Boots in this style can have either high heel, platforms, chunky heels, stiletto high heels, or other types of bases.

You’ll find there are a huge range of over the knee boots available for you; from staple black over the knee boots to sexy strappy cage style over the knee boots, there are many different styles available to suit your fashion needs.


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Where can I wear over the knee boots?

Over the knee boots are a great mix of sexy and functional, and as such can be worn in a myriad of situations. Pair your over the knee boots with a pencil skirt at the office, with a pair of stockings and a short dress for a fun dinner look, or with your best party outfit for a sexy creation!


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What are thigh high boots?

Thigh high boots are boots that extend up to reach between the knee and the crotch. A thigh high boot is a deliciously feminine, sexy style choice that is ideal for a woman looking for a showstopping boot.

Often found in stretch or lace-up styles, you can find hot stiletto high heel thigh high boots, gothic chunky heel thigh high boots, or platform thigh high boots for all occasions.


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Where can I wear thigh high boots?

A thigh high boot is not only great for your style, but also for your confidence; as such, you can wear your thigh high boot in any situation that makes your sexy side shine through.

Thigh high boots can be worn by pole dancers and exotic dancers, with a sexy costume, at a party, on special occasions, or however you like! Pair with a pair of skinny jeans and a long jacket for a classic look, or with a pair of tailored shorts and a shirt for casual styling.

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    Difference between thigh high boots and over the knee boots

    • Over the knee boots reach over the knee but not beyond the first third of the thigh · Thigh high boots reach up halfway between the knee and the crotch
    • Over the knee boots tend to have more sole and heel options, such as platform, flat, stiletto or chunky
    • Thigh high boots are considered sexier and are often paired with a high heel
    • Over the knee boots can be considered easier for casual styling
    • Thigh high boots are often popular for more expressive events
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